Truth Tracts

Truth Tracts use stories and Scripture to remind Christians that once we're saved by grace through faith, Jesus called us to do and teach the lifestyle instructions of God, (His Torah)*, which define sin**, showing us right from wrong. 

*Matthew 5:18-19  **1 John 3:4, Romans 3:20


Torah conversations can be tangly, emotionally charged and at times frustrating. We want to convey the goodness and necessity of the commandments to the believers around us, but we face many obstacles ... from a lack of time to dive into related Scriptures to conversing with someone who keeps bouncing from subject to subject. 

Truth Tracts

  • engage readers of all ages with beautifully-illustrated, parable-style stories

  • are focused on just one key topic apiece

  • give readers the ability to go home and examine what you're sharing

  • put relevant Scriptures at your fingertips

    These small, printed tracts focus on one key topic and are made to hand out to the people around you. They're available online in digital form for free and the printed versions will be available for sale at high print quality and low cost.