"A must-see film for all believers!"
- Mercy Collective
"A masterful job of capturing the heart and essence
of this worldwide spiritual revival.

" - Hoshana Rabbah Blog


The Way Documentary is the story of countless believers around the world who’ve traded Easter ham for Passover lamb and Sunday church for Saturday Sabbath - all in an effort to live like their Savior. They’re holding every church tradition up against scripture and cutting away anything that doesn’t conform.

In the process, they encounter resistance from a religious system two millennia in the making, and for the first time, learn what it’s like to be a “peculiar people.”


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The Way DVD Includes:

The Way Documentary / deleted scenes / bloopers / subtitles in English, Spanish, French, German, Croatian, Dutch, Finnish and Polish


The Way: Extended Edition
(3-Disc Collection) Includes:

the documentary / deleted scenes /  bloopers / subtitles for the doc in English, Spanish, French, German, Croatian, Dutch, Finnish and Polish  / 10 extra hours of interview footage with 18 experts on church history, the origins of Christian holidays, believers returning to Torah, finding like-minded community, sharing the faith and more


The Way: Extended Edition full interviews:

- Dr. Alphonzo Monzo III - Naturopathic Doctor, Balance of Life Clinic

- Bruce C. Daniels - Historian & Author, Puritans at Play

- Dr. Michele Murray - Historian, Dean of Arts & Sciences, Bishop’s University

- Galina Krasskova - Heathen Priest, Shaman

- Dr. David Jockers - Functional Nutritionist & Owner, Exodus Health Center

- Paul Nison - Torah Life Ministries

- Jon Sherman - 119 Ministries

- Steve & Angie Moutria - TorahFamily.org

- Brad Scott - Wildbranch Ministries

- Zac Bauer - New2Torah

- Natan Lawrence - Hoshana Rabbah Biblical Discipleship Resources

- Keith Johnson - Biblical Foundations Academy International

- Michael Rood - A Rood Awakening

- Rob Skiba - King's Gate Media

- Monte Judah - Lion & Lamb Ministries

- Arthur Bailey - Arthur Bailey Ministries & House of Israel

- Rico Cortes - Wisdom in Torah Ministries