Operation Reformation

If you’ve seen the book trailer for The Truth: Reformation 2.0, you saw Luke posting a list of contradictions in mainstream theology on the doors of churches. Now you can do the same! For the second time, this year on Reformation Day, we're going to work together to invite local churches around the world (and believers everywhere) to consider some of the important truths in the Word that mainstream Christianity hasn’t yet seen. Gather your friends and family and fellowship and let's make it happen!

If you're interested in what happened last year, scroll down and watch the video :)


This year, we're adding a viral video component to Operation Reformation, in addition to posting signs on church doors.

Just before Reformation Day (Oct. 31st), we'll release a video version of the contradictions poster (both on Facebook + YouTube) that you can share online.

If TONS of us share the video within a short amount of time, the collective impact will mean that social media outlets will share that content with more people, helping the message travel further.


Yes, I'll Share the Video!

To get an email or text with the link to the video and a reminder to share the video when it comes out, pop in your info below ... if not, keep scrolling for church door poster instructions.


Church Door Poster Instructions:

  1. Download the Reformation Day poster of your choice. They're linked below. There's a 8.5 x 11" version that can be printed at your home printer, and a larger version that can be printed at a local print shop.

  2. Print out as many as you'd like! CVS, FedEx Kinkos, Staples, Walmart and Walgreens are all good options to get your poster(s) printed. And don't forget to search online for "promo codes" or "coupon codes" before putting in your print order. (Last year, our 2x3 ft posters were 50% off with a CVS code!)

  3. Using tape that won't damage the door, post one poster on the door of a local church BEFORE Sunday, October 29th. October 31st is Reformation Day, but we want to make sure people see the posters when they arrive at church that Sunday before. Getting a group together after Shabbat on the evening of Saturday the 28th would work well!

  4. If you'd like, grab a photo or video of yourself putting up the poster and use WeTransfer.com to send it to us: info@thewaydoc.com. 

Download the Reformation Day Posters

Download 2ft x 3ft Version
Download 8.5 x 11" Version



  • Can I post the poster somewhere other than a church door? Of course! Go for it. You can post anywhere you'd like - telephone poles, coffee shop community bulletin boards or share it on your social media accounts.


  • Where do I direct people I meet who want more information? Anyone interested in learning more can head to: www.thewaydoc.com/reformation. It's a short, one-page explanation of 5 key differences between mainstream Christian theology and biblical truth.


Have other questions? Shoot us a message!


Operation Reformation 2022 Video