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Public Screening Host Packages

Any screening that is either ticketed, open to the general public or outside of a home (in a church, theater or community center etc.) is considered public. You can obtain a public screening license by choosing one of our screening host packages, which include:

- Your Public Screening License
- 25, 50 or 100 (discounted!) DVDs to Give Away or Sell
- Our Guide to Hosting a Successful Event
- Customizable, Printable Flyers
- The film’s trailer for you to use to promote the event
- Customizable Facebook Promo Images
- Post-Film Group Discussion Questions

To allow for resale at the event, DVDs are discounted. Whether the event is ticketed, free, includes a complimentary DVD for guests or has DVDs for sale after the screening, any profit is the host’s to allocate however they’d like!

The DVDs included in Screening Host Packages are strictly for in-person sales. They may not be resold online via a website or digital platform.