Got questions? Scroll below the image to read more about this community effort.

From now until January 15th, we're mobilizing our community to suggest that Netflix add The Way documentary to their library of films. By condensing our film suggestions into a set period of time, we'll raise the volume of our collective voice.

So join in with your friends, family and Shabbat fellowship! Suggesting the film only takes a few seconds and you only need to suggest it once per person. Just click on the image above.

Here's why we're super excited about this possibility:

1. You (and your friends) would be able to watch The Way for FREE when you sign up for a FREE 1-month trial on Netflix!

2. Netflix's 99 million subscribers around the world will have a chance to encounter the message of The Way.

Thank you so much for your prayers, encouragement and support! No matter what happens, we've seen our Heavenly Father take this film to the far corners of the earth, and we pray that He'll continue to use it in whatever way He has planned.

- Luke & Kayte (Director & Producer of The Way)